Rough Procurement

ORIANA DIAMONDS adheres to the globally accepted rough diamond trading guidelines of purchasing exclusively from Kimberly Certified Process guidelines in going direct to trusted and accredited suppliers with vast experience in sourcing rough diamonds from as far a field as Tanzania, Liberia, and South Africa.

Supplier Buying Policy

ORIANA DIAMONDS insures a safe, secure trading and viewing environment for seller at any of its facilities worldwide.

Buying Procedure

• ORIANA DIAMONDS Kimberly Process certified and accredited suppliers goods are viewed and valued (Mr. Patel)

• ORIANA DIAMONDS presents seller with a solid offer on goods through reputable Bank Guarantee (Proof of Finance).

• ORIANA DIAMONDS proceeds with transaction if solid offer suites seller on a supply COD.

• ORIANA DIAMAONDS proceeds with transaction through Bank COD

• ORIANA DIAMONDS has diamonds kept in trust by Bank and only assumes full ownership of diamonds purchased from seller once seller has been paid entire amount owed on goods purchased.

Growth Opportunities

ORIANA DIAMONDS has enjoyed unprecedented success and longevity since its inception 1985 and is looking forward to many more great years ahead in the diamond industry. ORIANA DIAMONDS is looking at expanding its rough diamond procurement in Southern Africa and the Diaspora, and its emerging leading diamond producers namely Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and Congo. ORIANA DIAMONDS has identified potential partnerships in these emerging markets and is looking forward to expanding and augmenting their rough diamond procurement in these areas.


Rough purchases Worldwide

Oriana Diamonds Surat polish factory

Weight Check and Sorting Varieties Head Loupe, Loupe, Lights, Scale

Sorting by purity and shape Head Loupe, Loupe , Light, Sieves

Seprating each stone in individual packets

Blocking 4 Auto Blocking machines (Sahajanand) and Hand Blocking

Bruting by Machine/ Traditional Bruting 7 Ezi/Parth Bruters 1Laser Bruter

Check Laser Cut, Clean and Weigh Loupes, Metler Scales

Laser Cutting 4 Laser Machines (Raj, Sahaj, Photon, Sahjanand)

Plotting/ Planning/Mapping and Label Printing 10 Sarin/Ogi Machines and GIA Software

Cleaning and recheck

Remapping and analyse 10 sarin/ogi and gia software

Polishing star/bezele/pavilion facets 52 polishinh benches

Consulting stone and complete girdle & crown facets

Quality control by manger if any repairs required loupe

Stone identification, sorting be sieves, purity and colour sieves, loupe, colour card

Deep boil and clean boiling room

Final check loupe

Polishing and final brill bench work 25 best cross workers

Check polishing symmetry by unit mangers sarin/ogi, gia software

Valuation of finished goods in accordance with market trends

Marketing and distribution

Local sales & overseas sales