Global Presence

•     ORIANA  DIAMONDS has offices worldwide for rough and polished diamonds

•     ORIANA  DIAMONDS head office for rough diamonds is based in Johannesburg South Africa

•     ORIANA DIAMONDS head office for polished goods is based in Mumbai India

Polished Diamonds Sales Outlet

•     ORIANA DIAMONDS operate a sizeable manufacturing factory in India with a large number of people working with us to meet high polishing standards utilizing the very best in state of the art and modern diamond cutting and polishing equipment

•     ORIANA DIMONDS has extensive and intricate polished diamond sales distribution arm that markets polished and cut diamonds all over the world.

•      Surat (Manufacturing India)

•     Mumbai (India) (Import & Export)

•     Thailand (Polished Sales Market)

•     Johannesburg (Rough Purchase from African Continent)

•     Hong Kong (Polished And Rough Diamond Sales)

Ot her Worldwide operation with partners

Bulk Rough Diamonds Purchase

• ORIANA DIAMONDS purchase USD$1 p/c worth to USD$10000 p/c

• ORIANA DIAMONDS purchases rough diamonds of Color, Clarity, Size and Quantity.

• ORIANA DIAMONDS purchases very expert in melees size